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Small and dense low density lipoprotein cholesterol (SD LDL-C) test kit (homogeneous enzyme direct method)

Release time:2019-06-11

Small and dense LDL-C test kit (direct method of homogeneous phase)


Test value: 0.25-1.17mmol/L


Linear range: in the range of 0-2.60mmol/L, the correlation coefficient is r0.990.


Low density lipoprotein (LDL) is composed of a series of particles with different stress volume and physical and chemical properties, which has obvious heterogeneity. Small dense LDL (SD LDL) is one of the sub components of LDL, which is involved in the occurrence and development of atherosclerosis (as) It plays an important role and is a risk factor of coronary heart disease. The National Cholesterol Education Program for adults in 2002 Ⅲ uses SD LDL as a new risk factor for coronary heart disease


Clinical application:

Pre coronary heart disease;