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LP-PLA 2 test kit (enzyme method)

Release time:2019-06-11

LP-PLA 2 test kit (enzyme method)


Reference value: < 659U/L


Linear range: in the range of 10-1500U/L, the correlation coefficient is r0.990.


The content of Lp-PLA 2 in the unstable plaque is much higher than that in the stable plaque. When there is going to be or has been a break in the hardening block in the vascular lumen, Lp-PLA 2 will be released into the blood in a large amount, resulting in a significant increase in the blood level, so Lp-PLA 2 in the blood The concentration can reflect the degree of inflammation of atherosclerotic plaque. By detecting Lp-PLA 2 in blood, we can effectively understand the degree of inflammation and its stability of atherosclerotic plaque. In this way, the occurrence of myocardial Sakura death and cerebral thrombosis can be predicted, which can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular accidents It is of great significance.


Clinical application:

1. To predict the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular embolism;

2. To evaluate the outcome of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular embolism;

3. As the target of CHD specific drug treatment.