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1,5-dehydrated glucose alcohol (1,5AG) test kit (enzyme method)

Release time:2019-06-11

1,5-dehydrated glucose alcohol (1,5AG) test kit (enzyme method)


Reference value: serum 69-265μmol/L


Linear range: in the range of 0-550μmol/L, the correlation coefficient:r≥0.990.


1,5-dehydrated sorbitol (1,5-AG), also known as 1,5-dehydrated glucose alcohol, is a compound existing in human blood, which can be used as an auxiliary diagnosis and treatment index of diabetes. Due to the stable metabolism, the 1.5-ag has a small kinetic profile in the blood sea, which can reflect the effect of taotangtong Changes in period. The concentration of 1,5-AG decreased significantly when the blood glucose of diabetic patients increased, and 1,5-AG increased after the blood glucose decreased. It has value and significance in the process of precise diagnosis and monitoring the therapeutic effect of early diabetes.


Clinical application:

1. Assistant diagnosis of diabetes;

2. Monitoring the therapeutic effect of diabetes;

3. Reflect the change of blood glucose concentration in a short period of 1-3 days.