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Lipase (LPS) assay kit (enzyme method)

Release time:2019-06-11

Lipase (LPS) test kit (enzyme method)


Reference value: 5.6-51.3U/L


Linear range: in the range of 4-700U/L, the correlation coefficient is r≥0.990. T


The measurement of serum lipase activity can be used for the diagnosis of pancreatic diseases, especially in acute pancreatitis, the serum lipase activity increases within 4-8 hours, reaches the peak within 24 hours, lasting for 8-14 days. The increase of lipase activity is parallel to that of amylase, and may occur earlier and last longer Longer and higher. The increase of lipase activity can also be seen in acute abdomen and chronic kidney disease.


Clinical application:

1. For the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis;

2. Assist in the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease;