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Adress:11 Shengxing Road, Shangyu Economic and Technological Development zone, Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province, China

An integrated manufacturer of biological enzyme Core Raw Materials and Diagnostic Reagents--the 17th CACLP record

Release time:2020-09-10

KY-BIO were unveiled at the 17th CACLP Expo 2020, and attracted wide attention!                                                                                 


Integrated manufacturer of bioenzyme core raw materials to diagnostic reagents:

KY-BIO carries: patented products such as small and dense low density lipoprotein cholesterol kit, glycosylated albumin kit,as well as new superior products such as COVID-19 test kits, high density lipoprotein 3 cholesterol kit, lipoprotein phospholipase A2 kit, 1,5 dehydrated glucol kit, binding bilirubin kit,and lipase kit were unveiled at the 17th CACLP Expo 2020, and attracted wide attention!

Popular booth

Duringthe 3-day expo, from the beginning of the exhibition to its successfulconclusion, the booth of KY-BIO was full of visitors.


The elites in the industry talk freely

At the exhibition site, KY-BIO relying on its unique self-positioning ofintegrated suppliers from biological enzyme raw materials to diagnostic reagents, and high-quality and cost-effective products, talked with the industry elites about the hot spots of the IVD industry.


Interactive communication on the spot shows KY-BIO's wisdom

As an integrated manufacturer of scientists in the fields of medical testing,clinical laboratory diagnostics, biotechnology, biological enzyme engineering,etc., Kuaye Biology specially invited the professor expert team led by Dr. Lian to have a wonderful on-site interaction, conducted in-depth exchangesand discussions with the guests at the technical level, and demonstrated thestrength and brand charm of KY-BIO.



Cooperationnegotiations highlight brand strength

Through this exhibition, the dealers witnessed the brand strength of Kuaye Biotechnology under the continuous accumulation of technology for many years.  And conducted fiery on-site cooperation negotiations.